Have you ever felt calm, energized, or joyful in the presence of flowers? Flowers are much more than only beauty and smell, therefore you are not imagining those feelings. A single bloom might have several different meanings. Now the question is, who decided on the flower’s meaning? The Victorians were to blame! They were the ones who appreciated flowers more than they did. Because it was deemed unethical to exhibit one’s amorous feelings in public at the time, they began to convey their love through online flower delivery. They published a one-of-a-kind Victorian flower code or dictionary, which featured flowers and their meanings. The meanings of your favorite flowers have been discussed here, both known and unknown. Let’s get started…

1. Rose

Known Meaning – Love

Unknown Meaning­­ – Rose’s face automatically comes to mind when we think of love symbols in flowers. But very few of us know that not all colors of roses represent affection. Only red roses may convey the feeling of love. Yellow roses evoke feelings of happiness and companionship. White roses are peace and spirituality messages. Gratefulness, Adoration, and Praise are all represented by pink roses. Peach roses represent Modesty. Orange-colored roses are the epitome of Fascination.

2. Lily

Known Meaning – Purity, Sympathy

Unknown Meaning – Lilies, as per Victorians, symbolised sharing a Perfect Relation with someone.In complete contrast to their known meaning of sympathy, the other unknown meaning of lilies is Fertility or the Beginning of a New Life. As a result, many soon-to-be mothers are now receiving these lovely bouquets.

3. Carnation

Known Meaning – God’s Love

Unknown Meaning – Carnations, like roses, come in a variety of colors with distinct meanings, some positive and some bad. White is a lucky color.

4. Daffodil

Known Meaning – Respect, True love, and a New Beginning

Unknown Meaning – Daffodils are also associated with inspiration and creativity. Some people consider them to be a symbol of forgiveness. If superstitions are to be believed, gifting a single daffodil to someone foretells their misfortune, whilst giving a bouquet of these blooms conveys joy.

5. Sunflower

Known Meaning – Bliss

Unknown Meaning –, Their enormous petals, massive, spherical centers with bright yellow color, and habit of always facing the sun lead one to believe that happiness is the only meaning of these flowers. Nothing could be very far from the truth, though.

6. Tulip

Known Meaning – Ideal lover, Honor

Unknown Meaning – Tulips have a basic meaning of perfect lover and renown, but different colors represent completely different emotions. Tulips in red symbolize your undying love for someone. Tulips in white represent forgiveness. Yellow tulips symbolize happiness, while purple tulips represent royalty.

7. Orchid

Known Meaning – Strength and exotic charm

Unknown Meaning – Love! We sometimes overlook even more gorgeous, distinct, and appealing symbols of the complex and profound feeling in our century-long love for roses. People in the Victorian era preferred orchids to roses to convey their love since the rarer the flower, the more intense your feelings for that person. These are also one of the few flowers that represent Glorious Femininity.

8. Daisy

Known Meaning – Joyfulness, innocence

Unknown Meaning – Secrecy is also symbolized by the delicate white petals sticking out from a big golden core. If you want to keep your feelings to yourself, daisies are the most graceful and respectful way to do so.

9. Iris

Known Meaning – Royal, Confidence, and Elegance

Unknown Meaning – You can express your admiration for someone’s beauty, talents, personality, etc. with a cluster of irises if you are afraid to say it out loud. Compliments are symbolized by these flowers, especially purple ones.

10. Peony

Known Meaning – Prosperity, happiness, and good health

Unknown Meaning – Giving a bouquet of these beautiful flowers to a married couple is a fantastic idea because they are a sign of a happy marriage

Use your flower’s silent power or send online flowers to gently convey your profound emotions now that you know all of its known and unknown meanings.