Here in this article, we will discuss the rising interest in children of India towards online music classes, which is a good way to utilize your free. Music is a culture and this new generation is taking interest in learning it. online piano classes and keyboard classes are such a interest nowadays.

Going back to 2020, when the whole world faced an uncertain situation and people were locked up in their homes, they introduced several ways to utilize their time for something beneficial learning online music courses was one of them and people took advantage of it willingly.

Online keyboard learning:

Online keyboard learning refers to online piano classes. The piano is an instrument having musical keys which are to be played in a rhythm. Those kids who are aware of basic musical terms and tunes can easily come towards piano learning to play musical tones. The keys of the piano consist of black and white colors which are played collectively to formulate a tune.

Course outline:

  • In this course, we will cover six commonly known songs. We will make you memorize all the lyrics of these songs by heart before processing them further.
  • Then we will come towards the technical know-how of music which includes music streaming, playing chords, high pitch, low pitch, and different scales to set your volume and voice. Being a professional musician, all these technicalities are crucially important to avoid any lacking.
  • There are some eligibility criteria for those who want to appear in this course. Anyone who doesn’t meet the prerequisite criteria can improve themselves to pass the test.
  • After accomplishing the eligibility criteria, they are also offering grade points to differentiate between high performers and ordinary performers. To keep their morale high, there are also some rewards and gifts for those who learn it well.
  • We will also provide all the recordings and necessary material for those who missed any class to keep everyone on the same track. Besides it, a certification from our organization is given after the completion of every level in piano learning and the entire course.

Other relevant details:

The duration of this course is of three months which we divide into 24 sessions through zoom meetings. The duration of every meeting is 45 minutes. Students will be divided into different groups. We will enable your child to understand the depth of musical instruments, how it’s played, the exact placement of fingers, balancing chords, and the technique to play any of your favorite music.

All other necessary parts which are mandatory in developing this skill and making every student a great musician are included in these sessions. Music is a diverse field having a vast range of technical key points to consider while playing it otherwise, the whole rhythm and spark will get failed.

 Our course focuses on every single aspect to cover with premium devotion with the help of experts of this field. We promote learning online music for those who have a passion to learn it and create their own music.