Google’s search engine offers numerous technical features and apps to people for better knowledge processing. I’m feeling curious is the latest add-on to Google to generate informative data based on inquiries. To be brief, this new technical term is innovative with a lot of variations. It helps you improve your knowledge by asking questions. Have answers from the Google search engine through this new variant. The delivery of the right information to people is fast and to the point without inaccuracy. It is also a hands-free entertainment system for you for fun. This trick gives you relief from loneliness as well. This article gives you a basic idea of what is all about the “I’m feeling curious” tech variant. 

What is I’m feeling curious?

What is I’m feeling curious

 I’m feeling curious is a technical innovation devised by Google. It is a pre-set configured system to display questions with answers. By clicking your mouse on the “Ask Another Question” box, you will see the short answer with the sources to pull up information. This trick is interesting and strange for a young teen who likes to do online research. 

When was this technical feature introduced?

technical feature introduced

Your curiosity compels you to use Google for deep and extensive navigation. It engages you longer. I’m feeling curious is one of the best tricks from 2015 onwards. After its advent, Google users took an interest to use this feature for fast information collection. The prompt reply from the Google search box saved them more valuable time. However, the trend was mild due to technical complications. Later, again in 2000, online visitors showed their desire to opt for I’m feeling curious feature. This interesting gimmick influences next-gen fellows for enjoying online self-discovery study. It is a shortcut method of data generation through the question-answer session. 

How does “I’m feeling curious” work for you?

 I’m feeling curious feature is helpful for you. It collects snippets of data from multiple online sources to deploy to people. It has an upgraded auto data curating system to enhance the faster information collection which matches the questions. Whenever you ask, it gives you a quick trivia-type answer within the precise format. To check the authenticity of the content, feel free to click your mouse on the given sites as mentioned below the search bar. 

Usually, Google displays information under four categories such as below 

  • Google tricks
  • Cool facts
  • Interesting facts
  • Random facts

This technical gimmick keeps its consistency to deploy the information in digital format. By choosing the specific category, you will get quick data access to upgrade yourself. 

What to do when it does not work?

What to do when it does not work

Often, due to the page overloading, I’m feeling curious does not resume its work properly. In that case, by deleting junk history on Google, you can re-activate this technical feature once again. The alternative method is to do page refreshing for faster data generation on Google using this trick. 

How are you benefited by using I’m feeling curious?

I’m feeling curious Benefit

During your leisure period, terminate your boredom by playing with Google’s I’m feeling curious. It is a magnificent data generator that enhances data deployment in a random question-answer framework. This mechanism of information delivery to you is not new. Way back in 2015, people enjoyed online navigation by opting for “I’m feeling curious” feature. Parents motivate their kids to do online funny things like game playing, chatting, and data curation. With this technical trickster, easily they get a lot of unknown facts through this powerful I’m feeling curious. 

I’m feeling curious- Best tool for introverted persons

I’m feeling curious- Best tool for introverted persons

I’m feeling curious is a new upgraded variant that provides genuine answers in Q/A format. The text is on display with original site links. So, automatically, the answers are deployable to the user. An introverted person spends time searching for information on Google I’m feeling curious. It is a popular feature that is dear to internet savvies. 

Is there any alternative to compete with I’m feeling curious?

alternative to compete with I’m feeling curious

Experts are not over-confident about getting stuck to this technical trick longer. The prospect of I’m feeling curious is uncertain due to the coming of another alternative tool. A downtime takes place to damage the popularity of this technology. People are also getting upgraded models like the WTF Fun Facts machine which performs the same way to spoon-feed you with quick question-answer in a text format. However, some claim that I’m feeling curious is a masterpiece tool for the new generation. People accept it as a genuine auto data generator. So, it is quite popular among regular visitors on Google. 

What are other innovative Google tricks to cope with I’m feeling curious?

other innovative Google tricks to cope with I’m feeling curious

Modernization in the random facts-generating methods on Google is sustainable. In the upcoming days, you will find more innovations in the case of data curating for knowledge improvement. I’m feeling curious is a tip-top system that refilters your information bank. Students, retired persons, and children hover on Google to start online navigation. This tool is very useful for them to know the unknown. However, at the same time, new variants of I’m feeling curious are also emerging powerful tools to work the same way. Few of them have already hit Google with excellent scores. For example, I’m feeling fantastic. I’m feeling stellar, I’m feeling artistic and I’m feeling playful. 

Get fun fact of the day

Get fun fact of the day

Start your day with fun and pleasure. Your boredom will be nowhere when you check the Google search bar to have the funnies fact of the day. Today, “I’m feeling curious” feature is available with the best fun fact for you. For example, “It is impossible for most people to lick their elbow.” It is a sportive wordplay for removing your stress. Anyone starts laughing when he reads this quoted statement. To have a bundle of fun facts to stimulate yourself, you should feel the urge to use I’m feeling curious.



I’m feeling curious will not disappear even if thousand of new rivals come back to challenge this gimmick. People have a deep affection for this classic Google trick. Your addiction to I’m feeling curious trend is not short-lived. It stimulates your bad mood by generating tricky and funny answers. For mental relaxation, mood change, and amusement, it is the best tool for you. Besides, you need to have research-based components to do data analysis. It breaks the barrier to take you beyond the known to the unknown. 


Why Is I’m Feeling Curious Trick Popular?

Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick engages people. It gives you interesting facts in question-answer format.

How to Find Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

Type I’m Feeling Curious on the Google home page to have a search box with Ask Question button to press and it will work fast to give you answers to questions.

What Is the Usage of Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

Google I’m Feeling Curious trick is important for the young generation.  It delivers informative content in a short question-answer format.   Upgrade your knowledge using this tool.

Who Invented I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

Google introduced this Google I’m Feeling Curious trick feature way back in 2015.

What Is an Alternative to Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

The best alternatives are WTF Fun Facts and Google I’m Feeling playful.