Whether you wear the bra or not is your own personal choice, but if you wear it occasionally then you need to know how to measure it properly. It will help to ensure they choose the bra that fits the best. Measuring the bra size is no doubt a daunting task and time-consuming for those who don’t have any idea about how to measure it. For those people using online bra cup size calculator free tools is a considerable option to measure the size. This bra size calculator determines the bras size that suits best to your breast without causing any inconvenience. 

How to Measure the Bra Size:

Below are the simple steps through which you can conveniently calculate your bras size. 

Measure Your Band Size:

To measure your band size for a bra, the first thing you need to do is to stand upright without wearing the bra. Then with the help of measuring tape take the measurements of your back under the bust, where usually your bra sits. Make sure that the tape is going around in a line. Make sure that this measurement makes you feel comfortable but not tight. The best you can do to avoid these technicalities is to try the bra size calculator that helps you in calculating the bra size up to an optimized estimation. 

Measure Your Bust Size:

In the next step to determine the precise measurements for the fullest part of your bust. Here you need to keep the measuring tape parallel with the ground and wrap the measuring tape around your body at the height of your nipples. The reason for it is that it tends to be where your busts usually project from your body. Well! It seems a bit confusing but you don’t have to worry about it. You can still measure your bras size easily by using the bra calculator. Through this bras size calculator for estimating the size of your bra, which fits best to your breasts.

Find Your Cup Size:

Now, the next step is to take the measurements and then subtract them with the measures of your band size. The number you get after the subtraction corresponds with the size of your cup. If the size 0of your busts & band measurement number is the same, then you are an AA cup. In comparison, if there is a difference of one inch between the band & your bust then, you’re A cup. While the difference is about 2 inches then, it is a B cup. Similarly, the difference is 4 inches then, it will be a D cup and so on. Instead of manual calculation, there is also an option for you to use the online bra measurement calculator that calculates the bras size depending on your given values. The best part of it is that you can use this bra size calculator free of cost and do unlimited estimations for bras sizes. 

Put It All Together:

Remember that when you calculate your band size in the first step, then take that number and drop it in front of your cup size that you measure in step no three. By using the example from the last step, the size of the bra would be 33D. in any kind of inconvenience or confusion, you must verify the result you calculated by utilizing the bra size calculator. 

Don’t Get Attached:

Similarly, as the size of our clothes changes throughout our lives and from brand to brand, so too does the size of bra. No Doubt that there is much variability in the lingerie industry and so in the way bras sizes also differ. You need to purchase the bra in the size, which works great for you, but it is possible that it’s not similar to the size that you measure yourself. So, for the proper estimation of your bra size, you can get the free assistance of an online bra size calculator that allows you to calculate the bras size accurately from the given values. 

Repeat, Often:

You need to check your bra size on and off and this is because the human body changes constantly. This is why determining your bras size is important. It is recommended by the experts that measuring the bras size every three to six months is beneficial to be updated about your bras size. Usually, the change depends on the cycle of time where you stand in the year. It might be the time of giving birth where you found a change in the size of your breasts or any other condition. There is no doubt that you don’t depend on the manual method to calculate the bras size because it gets harder sometimes.  But you can always have the option to use the bras size calculator for the correct estimation to purchase the perfect bra for you.