If you want to succeed in the IT industry, certification is one of the very few things to take into consideration. Globally, CCNA certification is acknowledged and widely accepted by employers. The CCNA training institute in Bangalore prepares professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage, configure, and diagnose routed networks.

What is the CCNA certification?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential is a Cisco-developed and -sponsored IT accreditation. This certification is a professional way to validate and showcase an individual’s degree of competence in various network-related issues.

The CCNA certification is regarded as one of the best in the field. CCNA certification typically leads to additional job prospects, promotions, or client projects that particularly seek professionals who have passed the exam.

What is the scope of the CCNA certification?

The certification procedure for Cisco was revamped in 2013 to match its employees’ responsibilities better. In total, there are nine CCNA subjects:

  • CCNA Cloud

An emphasis on entry-level skills for installing and administering Cisco cloud products and evolving with shifting technological landscapes is essential.

  • CCNA Collaboration

These professionals use voice, analytics, video, and mobile apps to provide a seamless user experience across all of these different media types. People in the networking and IP telephony industries will find this most useful.

  • CCNA Cyber Security

An emphasis is placed on cybersecurity analysts and those working in security operation centers in detecting and responding to cyber events.

  • CCNA Data Center

Includes sections on data center design, maintenance of equipment, data center network schematics, and hardware configuration.

  • CCNA Industrial

Focuses primarily on information technology and industrial networks for widely used utilities such as electricity, oil and gas, metallurgy, and large-scale production plant. This certification focuses on learning how to construct a secure and scalable network.

  • CCNA Routing & Switching

This exam is the foundation of the CCNA certification program, and it is one of the most important tests in the curriculum. This course provides a solid foundation for all aspects of network engineering.

  • CCNA Security

Validates the candidate’s knowledge of network risks and vulnerabilities, the design and construction of infrastructure, and security concerns. The security, integrity, and accessibility of data on a network are all critical components of this examination.

  • CCNA Service Providers

Designed for those that provide network engineering, installation, or management as a service. It is critical to stay updated on the newest technology, trends, and service offerings.

  • CCNA Wireless

Wireless networks are in great demand in every area conceivable, with a strong signal and a high degree of reliability. Wireless network configuration, surveillance, and assistance are the common subjects of the assessment.

Beneļ¬ts of CCNA Certification

Most companies throughout the world recognize and value the CCNA certificate. Employers want CCNA-certified professionals. The CCNA test has been taken and passed by more than a million people. Candidates who get this certification will be able to earn more money and receive a higher wage package.

  • Extends Your Knowledge Base

To sit for the CCNA exam, no prior education or work experience is necessary. Consequently, the course may be taken by anybody who wants to understand more about computer networking concepts and use them in real-world scenarios.

This certification, which necessitates passing a test, is best suited for professionals with at least two years of experience. This exam’s learning resources will include new networking principles and current breakthroughs in communication networks.

  • Improved Job Prospects

It is easier to land a job with a CCNA certification compared to without one. As long as the CCNA certification is valid for three years, a possessor is more likely to acquire a higher position. Many companies hire Cisco-certified staff to manage their networking projects.

  • Career Advancement at an Incredible Rate

Those who have earned the CCNA certification can look forward to substantial professional growth. They have a distinct edge over their peers since they are well-versed in networking concepts and principles. Organizations emphasize individuals who have certifications when it comes to promoting their personnel in the workplace.

  • Adoption on a Large Scale

Those who have earned the CCNA credential are recognized all around the world. Individuals with this certificate are eligible to apply for jobs worldwide.

  • Potential for Increased Earnings

CCNA certificates provide networking professionals with a leg up in their careers and the ability to earn more money. It has been estimated by a US study that by completing CCNA certification, a person may expect to earn between $30,000 and $90,000 as extra income.

If you’re interested in advancing your networking profession and earning more money, the CCNA credential can help you do that. Businesses require experienced professionals in the industry to outsource network management to consultants. 

With the help of such certifications, professionals may stay abreast of the most recent developments in their field. Any IT professional who wants to further their career in 2022 should take CCNA.