Depression among youth is related to the weakness of the mind. You feel things easily and get sad about them. When this sadness prolongs and does not let you focus on your work or surrounding, it is depression. People start losing their interest even in their life. It is very common to face failure at any stage of your life. Most people face disappointments related to many things. But sometimes, this disappointment becomes very intense, and you lose all of your hope. You start feeling useless and powerless. This condition prolongs from days to weeks and then from weeks to months. The phase of sadness also becomes intense as the days pass.

Depression has no permanent treatment. First, you have to develop control over yourself. Doctors can help you to maintain that control over time. Then you positively take things and enjoy a happy life. Things do not always go as per our expectations. We have to accept this thing. When we do not accept reality and live in an imaginary world, then realities hurt hard. The pain we get after hurting leads us toward depression. Healthy life demand satisfaction. This satisfaction is only possible when you accept realities.

Symptoms of Depression:

Here are some symptoms of depression among youth. When these symptoms prolong from days to weeks and even up to a month, it means you are in depression.

  • It includes unhappy mornings almost every day.
  • You do not find interest in any things.
  • You prefer to be alone.
  • Also, you find weight issues in your body. It can increase or decrease.
  • Your sleeping schedule gets disturbed. It can be a shortage or an increment in sleep.
  • You start feeling that no one is here for your help.
  • It becomes difficult for you to focus on your work.
  • You feel reluctant to make any choice.
  • Sadness forces you to think about suicide, and you always feel worried.
  • You start having body and health issues.
  • You see issues with your diet.

All these symptoms are of depression.

Causes of Depression Among Youth:

Depression among youth is getting very common in the youth day by day. There are many reasons for depression. Most girls get depressed very easily. it is because of a lack of good dealings and a bunch of negativities in mind. Also, when you do not have a strong and good bond with your friends, siblings, and parents, it causes depression. The weakness of this bond is because others do not bother you and your problems. At the workplace, when you face bullying, it causes depression. At the school level, when you fellows make fun of you, it causes depression. Anything that happened bad and just stuck in your mind leads you toward depression. Many times, people abuse you mentally, physically, and sexually.

Told by a dissertation writing expert, it is a very genuine reason to fall into depression. Social circle and society do not bother you and increase your pain. You feel all alone. As a student, your poor performance and the bad academic result can lead you to depression. When parents and family do not support you pinch you daily, you feel guilty about that again and again. As a married person, your unhappy circulating life can cause depression. It becomes a daily based torture for you. At different stages of life, different reasons can cause depression. With the increase in age, your priorities change. If your academic pressure is depressing you at the college level, maybe it would not be a reason for you at the university level. At the workplace, the reason would again be different.

Further Causes of Depression Among Youth:

Unwanted children and most neglected children face depression very frequently. Depression among youth is directly linked with your state of mind. How you perceive things and up to what level. Very sensitive people easily get depressed. If you are internally strong and mold yourself according to the situation, you would not face depression. We make things difficult by our-self. We do not accept they are in reality. Further, we start imagining beyond ground realities and the real world. We create an imaginary bulb around us. Also, when you want something and do not work hard as per the demand of result. We face failure.

In the same way, sometimes we work very hard, but that is still less for fruitful results. We think we did the best. But that best is as per our skills. We do not understand these things and start feeling useless. This behaviour of sensitivity and not accepting the things make us a patient of depression.

When a bunch of negativity gets roots in you, it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Another very common reason for depression is a breakup in a relationship. You think the next person did bad to you. You always recall memories of a good and bad time. The memory of a good time with your partner makes you more depressed. Because you enjoyed that time, but now you are unable to do that. You miss that time and person with huge intensity. You are unable to find any shoulder. Also, you feel pain internally as well as externally. It becomes very difficult for you to trust another person. You prefer to be alone and in the dark. This situation prolongs if you do not find any activity that can divert your mind.


Unhappy society and depressed parents mostly grow mentally disturbed children. These children face depression at the early stages of life. Poor background also causes depression in youngsters. Even people commit suicide when they find themselves unable to deal with the situation. They think that suicide is the only way to get rid of to bundle of responsibilities. Lack of confidence leads you toward having compromise on your self-respect.

If someone starts bullying you, you do not react just because of your poor confidence. Resultantly you feel things and get sad. This sadness makes you guilty. Thus, the situation prolongs for weeks. It makes you mentally ill, and you start having stress. Stress is the initial stage of depression among youth. When you do not control your stress, it becomes intense. Then you become the patient of depression. Society does not accept a skill-less and unconfident person. Even parents feel guilty for their unconfident children.