What makes a successful law firm? A great team, of course! But the talent race in the American legal industry is fierce, so getting the right people on board is easier said than done. In fact, high turnover is a daunting challenge, as surveys show an increase from 15% to nearly 25% in 2022 alone.

For law firms, it’s bad news- you’ll have to hire more often and invest extra effort in retention. Let’s talk about hiring first. Are you ready to build a winning team to stay ahead of the curve? It’s time to rework your hiring plan to beat the competitors and secure top talent for your firm.

Here’s a list of high-value strategies to help you recruit and retain the best lawyers. Check it out!

Know what you’re looking for

What’s the secret of building a winning legal team? You’ve got to know what you’re looking for in a lawyer. For example, you may need someone specializing in a legal area such as personal injury, contacts, criminal defense, or family law.

Likewise, soft skills are a necessary part of the job description if hiring a remote employee. Understanding the specific skills and niche you’re looking for narrows down your search.

Be transparent about expectations

Besides knowing the kind of people you want in your team, you should be transparent about expectations. Ensure that candidates know everything about their work hours, job duties, and performance expectations.

They will see the real picture from the outset, so there’s hardly a chance of getting anyone but a perfect fit. And clarity breeds trust and prevents misunderstandings down the line.

Cast a wide net

When it comes to law firm hiring, you don’t want to limit yourself to just a single source. There’s a lot of competition for top talent across the country. For example, San Diego is competitive for lawyers looking for jobs, and legal firms seeking employees.

Casting your net wide is the best way to maximize your outreach. Think beyond advertising job openings on your website, job boards, and social media platforms. Partnering with a specialist legal recruiter can take you the extra mile, so go for it!               

Offer competitive compensation

Offering competitive compensation is crucial in today’s job market. Top candidates know their worth, and they’re likely to look elsewhere if the offer isn’t good enough. Do your homework to find the deals other firms have for similar positions.

Also, negotiate and offer perks such as flexible hours,  bonuses, or opportunities for professional development.

Foster a positive culture

Nothing matters more than company culture when it comes to building a winning team and retaining it for the long haul. By creating a positive culture, you strengthen your employer’s brand and get referrals from your existing employees.

It’s a great way to convince new talent to join your law firm. After all, everyone wants to work in a supportive environment that encourages open communication and promotes work-life balance.

Wrapping up

A winning legal team sets up your law firm for success, so it’s a worthy investment. But the initiative takes time and effort and requires a long-term vision to retain the best people. Follow this hiring checklist to find those legal superstars!