The onset of the pandemic has brought physical exhibitions to a halt. This has led to a massive rise in the number of virtual exhibition platforms in India. With so many platforms available, selecting the best one for your needs can be intimidating. This article provides you with a list of the most dynamic virtual event platforms.


Dreamcast is one of the best virtual event platforms in India. It is known for its fully customizable event solutions. In other words, it is the only virtual event platform that allows you to customize all the aspects of your virtual event, from icons to the venue. Dreamcast is a dynamic virtual event platform that provides 3D animation to make visitors feel like they are attending a physical event. It provides a 360-degree holistic view of the event to provide a realistic and highly immersive exhibition experience.

The virtual exhibition platform allows companies to customize their booths. Moreover, it provides superior security features and engagement features. The dynamic banners functionality helps increase the brand visibility of the sponsors and partner brands by displaying multiple brands at the same time. AI matchmaking is one of the most prominent features of Dreamcast. It allows the attendees to meet the right people by recommending matches based on their goals and interests. Therefore, if you are looking for a fully customizable event platform, Dreamcast is your best bet.


Xporium is one of the first virtual event platforms available in the market and was established in 2017. Just like Dreamcast, it can also replicate the experience of attending a physical event. With the help of its 3D animation capabilities, it creates a realistic virtual exhibition experience. This platform is capable of hosting virtual exhibitions of all scales and sizes. It provides 2D, 3D, and VR features to help host online exhibitions. Although it does not have advanced security and engagement features, it has an easy-to-use interface and a completely immersive 3D event experience. It provides features like live chat, live polls to boost personal interaction among the attendees. The virtual exhibition platform provides an e-commerce page that helps the attendees shop for the products and services directly from the booths. Moreover, the platform also allows thee, exhibitors, to add, delete or change the product images and details.


Untradefair is another virtual exhibition platform that provides a 2D platform for hosting virtual exhibitions and expos. It integrates the physical shopping experience and allows the attendees to click on the booth, view the products and services along with their rates. The customers can immediately place orders making it easier to increase revenues. However, this platform lags behind the others in the department of security, engagement, and realistic experiences. Unlike Dreamcast, this platform does not provide features like dynamic banners, live chats, live polls, and AI matchmaking. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple online exhibition platform with a user-friendly interface, untrade fair could be your best choice. 


Expoburg is an industrial exhibitions platform that has a simple interface. It allows the attendees to exchange catalogs, brochures and provide them with live product demos. The attendees can simply choose an exhibitor, view their introductions, list of products, and contact forms. Unlike other platforms, Expoburg does not allow on-page purchasing to the attendees. It also lacks in the department of physical event experiences and attendee engagement. Expoburg provides pre-event promotion and marketing support. Moreover, it provides post-event analytics and reports. It helps you track the key performance metrics like the number of visitors and number of downloads.

Blues N Coppers

Blues N Coppers is another virtual exhibition platform that provides 360-degree booths for exhibitors. It provides interactive live sessions and attendee footprinting to help boost interaction and personal connection with the buyers. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is its accessibility. In other words, the attendees can attend the event or the exhibition from their mobiles and laptops. This platform does not have advanced attendee engagement features like AI matchmaking, gamification, and use of emoticons, etc.


Samaaro is one of the most popular Virtual exhibition platforms in India. It is a dedicated platform that is capable of hosting virtual expos and virtual exhibitions. It helps generate organic leads and improve business growth. Samaaro has advanced analytics and reporting features that allow the organizers to check the performance of the event. The advanced security features provided by this platform helps the organizers to have complete control over it. Just like other platforms, Samaaro has 3D visuals that help enhance the overall event experience. Moreover, this platform also provides an environment with features that help boost attendee engagement.


Kestone is a dynamic virtual event platform that uses 3D animated visuals to create a replica of the physical exhibitions. Its 360-degree views help create a more immersive experience for the attendees. The platform is capable of hosting both small scaler and large scale events. It also has special features like the social wall that integrate social media helping to increase the event’s reach. The organizers can upload downloadable catalogues and brochures just like in the case of physical events. You can also add links to your website and drive real organic traffic to your website, thereby increasing sales. Features like live chat, live polls and Q&A sessions help establish 2-way communication and promote interaction among the attendees and the hosts. Similar to other platforms like Dreamcast, it also provides advanced features like gamification and a virtual selfie booth to increase attendee engagement.


Hexafair is an online event platform that allows you to host virtual exhibitions of any scale. This platform supports third-party integration and browser-based solutions. In simple words, the attendees do not have to download any app or software to attend the event and can simply use the event URL in their web browser to attend the event. In addition to the above, it also provides advanced features to keep confidential data safe and secure.

Final Words

While there are so many online exhibition platforms available in India, selecting the best one depends on a lot of factors. Now that you know which are the best virtual exhibition platforms in India, you can match their features with your requirements and make an informed decision.