Your spine plays a very important role in keeping your structure in the best form. It is also a very delicate part of the body that if it gets damaged is very difficult to be cured. Whether it is spinal stenosis, strained muscle, or a herniated disc it gets difficult to diagnose and treat the issues of the back pain.

The best spinal surgeon in Lahore says that spinal surgery can be tough and its recovery also takes time but it is very important to keep a regular check on your spine health. This can be done by using several ways. Exercise does help a lot and can aid people with spine injuries and surgeries but with that, there are other helpful ways that can be used by a layman to treat spine issues. Let’s have a closer look at what should be done in order to keep the spine healthy.

1.Let the Spine Take Some Rest

When it is time for you to lie down or sleep, all the structures in the spine look forward to getting all the rest that they anticipated the whole day. It finally is the time for the spine to get rejuvenated and recharged. To make the most of it you need to have a great mattress and a comfortable pillow that can allow you to give rest to your spine in a comfortable way. 

Some of the tips that I can give you in this case include: 

  • Try and keep your spine aligned

For the people who sleep on their back, it is important to keep a pillow beneath the knees. This can help a lot in reducing the stress in the lower back. For the people who like sleeping on the side, it is great to place a pillow just between the knees, so that the hips can be balanced. A lot of people can also benefit by using a neck pillow that can give support to the cervical spine. 

You need to experiment with different types of pillows. This can help you a lot in finding your comfort. 

  • Keep a look at the mattress that you use

It should be known to everyone that a mattress that is old and saggy should not be used for a healthy spine. A mattress that is firm and supports the spine enough should be used in order to keep the spine healthy and happy.

As long as you are selecting a mattress that is serving your needs, you are on the right track to protect your spine. In the case of mattresses, make sure you get the best one for yourself that helps you sleep and rest properly. To learn more about mattresses online please visit Chiropedic.

2.Select the Perfect Shoes 

Whether you are walking, jogging or just running to a certain place, it is very important for you to wear the right kind of shoes. This should be done for the health of the lower back. Good shoes can help a lot in supporting the spine and the overall body and keeps the body aligned. 

For the best shoe fit, it is important that you decide on a shoe that is not too tight or loose on the heel. A good fit is very important for keeping the foot in place and preventing it from rolling or moving too forward or backward. 

3.Exercise Your Core to Strengthen the Back Muscles

Your core muscles that are located in the lower abdomen and back must be strengthened. They need to be strong enough as they take pressure off of the back. 

For most of us, the core muscles are not used on a daily basis in daily activities. These muscles however can be toned through specific exercises that are targeted to these specific muscles. You need to first discuss all of this with your doctor or physical therapist before you get into exercising.

If you have regular issues with your spine then don’t rush for exercise and make sure you get your MRI done. The MRI test price in Pakistan is quite affordable. 

4.Enjoy Massage

If you get yourself a massage it can have great benefits. It not only increases blood flow, loosens the tight muscles and connective tissues but also enhances the feeling of relaxation. 

The massage doesn’t have to be a hardcore one. It should be soothing enough to give your spine the relief that it needs. You don’t really have to go and visit a physiotherapist massage expert, sometimes the massage can be done at home by using a massage chair. There are a lot of options available on the massage chair that you can benefit from. 


The health of your spine is as important as the health of your heart. It must be made sure by everyone that the spine gets all the care that it needs. In case of a serious issue, make sure that you consult with your doctor before trying out all the above-mentioned options. Keep a track of your spine health and incorporate all the above-mentioned ways for its health.