Science and technology are two of the most important disciplines in modern life, but they often confuse people because of their similar-sounding names and roles. This article aims to clear up some confusion surrounding these important subjects by answering one of the most frequently asked questions about them: What’s the difference between science and technology?

A brief history of science

In order to understand the difference between science and technology, it helps to know where they came from. The definition of science is knowledge about, or study of natural phenomena based on scientific method or observation. The word technology came from techne which is Greek for art or skill.

As humans developed their scientific methods, they turned their attention to technology as a way to harness nature. In many cases, these new technologies were designed to replace existing tools because they made life easier and more efficient. This led people to believe that there was a clear distinction between science and technology that didn’t exist in ancient times but was possible thanks to advancements in our understanding of science.

Definition of science

Science is the systematic study of knowledge, whereas technology has a focus on practical applications and how to invent, produce, apply or operate machines, devices, systems or processes. It usually takes years of training in an academic science field to have enough expertise in both fields to answer any difficult question. Scientists do not create technologies themselves but they are often key members of teams that invent new technologies. The relationships between science and technology are complex but important because they work together to drive human innovation forward. Science teaches us things about our world that may not be observable with a microscope or we could never learn if we only used our own senses. Science also develops ideas for what technologies can be invented or improved upon in order to solve real-world problems.

Comparison Chart

Science is usually focused on solving questions about our world by observing, theorizing, and creating hypothesis. In contrast, technology is about invention for specific purposes. Science is used to understand how things work, while technology enables us to do new things. Science uses a process called peer review to verify facts or theories before they are presented publicly; while technology inventors do not typically use peer review because their inventions are based on an original idea that never existed before.

Science and technology both have important roles in our world: science helps us better understand nature, while technology improves quality of life by making it easier for humans to live more efficiently and comfortably.

The words science and technology often seem interchangeable, but there are some clear differences between them.

Common themes of both disciplines

Both science and technology are disciplines that use scientific methods to do experimentation, study data, create new products, etc. However, there are some important differences between science and technology:

Science is a fundamental branch of knowledge built on math to advance our understanding of everything around us. Science focuses on trying to explain how the world works by focusing on what we can measure in nature. Science tells us why but doesn’t tell us how to fix it. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes like mass production or improving life quality by lowering cost or increasing safety. It also helps build our physical environment (like buildings or vehicles) or make it more accessible (e.g., medical technologies).

Examples that cross over into both disciplines

Although they are both often used interchangeably, science and technology are two very different things. Science is the systematic study of anything. This can include things like biology, chemistry, physics, geology, etc. Technology is what happens when scientists develop new tools or processes that can then be used in real life by lay people for practical purposes. It doesn’t have to involve scientific study at all but usually does involve adapting science for use outside of a lab setting.


Science and technology are related concepts but they are different enough to warrant understanding the differences. Both science and technology are essential for modern society, so it is important to understand them both. Science helps us understand why things happen while technology creates a method of doing things. For example, a scientist will study lava flows while a technologist will create drone cars. Although there are more distinctions between science and technology, this short overview should help you get started on your way to understanding the world around you!