Post covid-19 we all have seen toddlers to business people, all of them go online with their studies, work and settle on the new online life. If you sit and list out a set of apps that you use in your daily life the list would include a health app, a banking app, a set of social apps, some shopping apps, and last but not least – a food delivery app. Definitely, that has made apps in general and especially Food Delivery Apps an integral part of one’s business and life as well. An example of this is Zomato. After carefully analyzing the functioning of many more apps like this we have picked up the common pointers and 5 key points that make these apps exceptionally better and client-responsive. These are the apps that have received strong feedback from their clients and we have their secrets carefully picked up for you.

Excellent User Interface

The user interface is an important part considering that it is the actual functional and visible part with the view of a client. For example, some Android users complain that the Apple user interface isn’t many users friendly, which means when they have the phone in their hands it is difficult for them to operate it. The same is the case with the food delivery apps. The easier the appearance, the easier it is for the user. Hence the user interface plays an important role. It should be such that it can be easy to operate for any age group. Apart from this if the loading time is more or the app functioning is slow, you will lose users. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Around 55% of users won’t open the app the next time and around 82% wouldn’t give the app another chance.

Thus proper navigation and a faster app are immensely important for any food delivery business to function up to the mark. All these things must be taken care of before launching your food delivery system.

Discount deals, offers, and promos

Economizing both Time and Money is an important point from a customer point of view. The less hassle and time-consuming their tasks are, the more preference is given to the app by the clients. What better than discounts and offers in addition to this time-cutting app? The app must send push notifications depending on the user’s profile history. The readymade food delivery must consider users’ age, location, gender, age, etc. Their user profile will help obtain data and make it accessible. In addition to this, a GPS system integration regarding the location information is important and must be possessed by your food app. Forecasts hereby can be done easily with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Good deals and combos encourage users to re-order from the same app. More promos, festive offers, rewards, etc. are some of the very common ways to promote your business. Heard recommendations for yourself from your friends? Exactly mouth publicity is another forte and can work in your favor.

Order Schedulink

Ever had to face a problem where you were supposed to order something and it just slipped your mind and you had to beat yourself up for not remembering? Well, that brings us to our next feature which is being able to schedule an order in advance. If you provide your client the possibility to pre-book their meals, It will save them the efforts for repetition and also the pain of remembering, and thus the client will want to have this feature as it will put them at ease with their requirements. This will gradually make the user experience better for them.

Order scheduling is an amazing way to show the users that you function all according to their needs and time. Any user who has access to an app with a feature of order scheduling is 8/ 10 times preferring an app that provides it the freedom of schedule even if it’s a little expensive. Thus the customer is more likely to want to pay more if it reduces the work on the customer’s end.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

The last stage of your client placing an order is the payment. If your app isn’t efficient enough and there are a number of failed attempts while processing the payment, your customer is not at all going to be patient with it and he might just not proceed with the order.

Another major concern for the client is the reliability of the payment gateway and the security. No customer is going to like to provide their banking data to any of the unreliable third-party apps that will bring them a nightmare. It is thus is important to try to integrate all possible payment options that way the customer can choose what he finds reliable to proceed with. Permit using previously earned reward points to pay as well. Try including all the payment options like Paytm, Google payphone pay, debit/credit card options and that should be it.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Imagine ordering from Zomato and not even knowing where it is. How clueless would you feel about it? GPS thus has become an important part of our lives, you probably know that because we all Google, restaurants near me, hospitals near me, etc. This GPS tracking plays a vital role in being located and locating something hence it is very important that your app possesses a good tracking system.

This will indeed make it easier for the clients to be delivered to any locations other than their houses and offices. It’s not about offering something extraordinary but it is about offering something extraordinarily.

These are the key pointers to make your app stand out however you can always add your personal touch to it like using local maps instead of Google maps, proposing other payment options, Introducing other scheduling patterns or opting for better cost-saving combos, etc. can be done and that way you can still make your app better suiting for your client’s needs while maintaining the key points.