Astrology is a science that is believed to have originated in the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. It is concerned with studying stars and how they impact human life. 

The Greek terms “Astron” (which means star) and “logos” are the origin of the word “astrological” (meaning discourse). It is also known as Vedic astrology because it was widely prevalent in ancient texts. With the emergence of modern sciences like astronomy and physics, astrology has come under a cloud of skepticism for being pseudo-science. 

Nevertheless, many people still believe in its power to predict one’s future based on their date of birth. There are some of the world’s best astrologer in Canada. If you are among those who are looking for an astrologer, here are some quick tips that will help you choose wisely:

Confirm the credentials of your chosen astrologer

The first step toward finding a good astrologer is to ensure that the one you are consulting is qualified. Many people advertise themselves as astrologers but lack the necessary credentials. 

You can confirm a person’s credentials by asking these three questions: 

  • What are the requirements to become an astrologer? 
  • What is the minimum duration of study required to become an astrologer? 
  • Are there any professional associations of astrologers that I can consult? 

Do remember all astrologers are not the same. Although there is no standard qualification or certification for astrologers, you can use these three questions to find a good one.

Are you hoping to find a new romantic partner? Or are you looking for an opportunity to advance your career? Perhaps you are trying to find a new home or your ideal partner for a business venture. Even though astrology can indicate possible events in the future, it doesn’t provide a specific roadmap for your life. 

Instead, it offers insights into your strengths and weaknesses and the probable outcomes of your choices and actions. To make the most of your consultation, you must know what you want to achieve from it. Do keep in mind that your expectations must be reasonably attainable.

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Ask for a written copy of the astrological reading

Many astrologers provide a written copy of your astrological reading. Whether you take a hard copy or a digital copy of your reading is up to you. However, a written reading will help you to focus on the astrologer’s insights, primarily if you are consulting an astrologer face to face. A written copy of your astrological reading will also help you revisit the reading later to reflect on the astrologer’s insights.

Ask for an estimated time frame for each event in the reading

One of the common complaints against astrology is that people don’t know how long a given event will take to happen. For example, suppose your astrological reading says you are about to be promoted at work. In that case, you may want to know when exactly this promotion will happen. 

You can ask your astrologer to provide an estimated time frame for all the events mentioned in your astrological reading. With this information, you can create an action plan to speed up events that are taking too long and ease up on your efforts to hasten events that are taking too little time.

Ask if there are any actions you can take to hasten or delay a given event:

Many people are curious to know if they can hasten or delay any given event in their lives. Your astrologer can tell you if your actions can be hastened or delayed by a given event in your reading. 

For example, suppose your career advancement is indicated in your reading. In that case, you can delay it by giving excuses for not deserving the promotion. On the other hand, you can hasten it by working harder to prove your worth.


With the confluence of modern and ancient knowledge, there have been developments in the field of astrology, such as natal chart analysis (or birth chart reading), psychological astrology, medical astrology, and others. Although many skeptics don’t believe in astrology, many do. 

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