Are you a foodie? Then you are in the perfect place now. In this article, we are going to describe “Thestaurant” which is the most affordable destination to make the dine be shine.

In this century people enjoy outdoor platters more than homemade foods and also they have less time to cook. So Thestaurant has decided to give service and a unique experience to the foodies at their place of dine.

What is Thestaurant?

Thestaurant is a dining place or restaurant for all types of foods and drinks. This platform provides offline dining places, Online food orders for home delivery, online tables booking, events booking, customized menus, etc.

They also provide to read reviews and feedback to the customers so that they can know more about Thestaurant and after getting their own experience they also have the right to give ratings, reviews and feedback to Thestaurant’s official site.

Thestaurant management team tries to provide food to clients in their residences to make clients more comfortable and enjoy the unique flavours from their place.

Concept of the place

The main concept is to make an affordable place more than people’s expectations. Thestaurant is not only a restaurant. It has its own vibes. This place has a perfect celebration method in any situation or event to make a customer’s day not forgettable and most unique.

The motive of Thestaurant

This is no doubtedly a very unique concept to combine a restaurant and a bar together. So it is quite natural that this concept has its own motive.

The main motivation is, to make it comfortable for all types of people to complete their dine alone or together.

In this concept, people can come to Thestaurant with their family to enjoy their day with food and the ambience. There are also organized some more than 5 sitter tables for huge families and their comforts.

On the other side, foodie couples can also chill with their dishes with their partners. There are also placed small tables for two sitters.

They placed a different ambience also for those people who love refreshments with drinks. They put on music and DJ also for enjoyment. So you can enjoy with your friends here also with the drinks and the music.

Interior Decoration of Thestaurant

This restaurant has a fine interior decoration with low, clean, soft and eye-friendly lights. It is decorated with showcases and the most attractive and unique thing is the harmonium. Thestaurant is a combination of the esthetic and modern atmosphere.


Thestaurant always has a creative ambience with the big harmonium sound and the soft lights with all types of foods, drinks and delights. This has such a friendly ambience for all types of customers.

Customers can also enjoy hard drinks here. Like – beer, whiskey, wine etc. With their own vibes with this ambience.

Options in menu

There are available a huge no. Items in the menu card and also after viewing the reviews and suggestive comments they are changing their menu items and also trying to make the dishes more flavorful.

  • In food items, they have

The charcoal grill items, kinds of pasta, macaroni and many more Italian dishes, coffee and Beverages and in deserts they put pastry, ice cream and all the love and care for the customers.

For diet foods, they also added plant items with veg food and many types of salads also.

  • In hard drinks, they have

For party lovers, they have decided another side of creating ambience. In the hard drink collection they added many unique popular and the most demanding drinks like – local and international wines which match perfectly with the meal, they have also a collection of whiskey, beer, etc.

Thestaurant is a restaurant or bar?

Now we reached the biggest confusing question that is Thestaurant a bar or this is only a normal restaurant? Right?

So here I’m clearing this doubt that Thestaurant mainly created to mix things up. This is the combination of a bar and a restaurant both and also an event organization too.

Staff and chiefs

The chiefs and staff all are properly trained and certified with experience. Other employees like – accountants, receptionists, and managers are also certified in their own platform and they all are able to manage every issue in any situation.

Kitchen tips and refreshments

Maintaining a restaurant is not easy. You have to collect fresh veggies and all raw food items every with refreshments. Also, you have to use fresh ingredients in every dish. The last part of serving dishes is the most difficult part. Because the chef has to create a gentle connection between the platter and the food with a most attractive garnishing method.

Customer’s importance/ priority

Thestaurant always gives the first priority to the customers. Because they treat their clients as their family. You can find this restaurant from a specific user friendly mobile application or website. From the application or website customers can make orders online, book tables online and offline both, make online reviews, leave comments on online websites and many more options are open for customers. And this is not only for showing, Thestaurant’s management team follows all the reviews and comments and day by day they are making themselves more comfortable and also trying to give the best to the customers.

Business benefits in the food sector

Nowadays food blogging, food reviews, and expensive versus chipset food (quantity and quality with taste) comparisons are ranking at the top of the charts of social media. So, keeping the trend in mind opening a multi types food restaurant like Thestaurant, is such a great business strategy.

In some cases, restaurant’s owners don’t have to focus on advertising their business.  They just have to make a social connection and bloggers will find and advertise automatically from their own to make content. These small steps make the work quite easier.


Thestaurant is a nice combination of a restaurant with hard drinks section and attached with a friendly ambience. I personally could connect with the ambience and also like their services system. Now it’s your turn to make the review with your own experience. You can use it in many ways. For- family dinners, business meetings, date nights, parties with friends and many more ways are also opened for all customers already. If you are truly addicted to foods and call yourself a foodie by heart go and make your own dine be shine.


What is Thestaurant?

This is a milti type restaurant, where people can find harhard drinks also with foods.

What is the main attraction in Thestaurant?

A big harmonium.

Is the menu customizable?

Yes, customers can customize their order here.

Does Thestaurant keep a collection of hard drinks?

Yes, they have a collection of local and international hard drinks.

Can customers enjoy food and hard drinks at the same place?

Yes, Customer can combine their drinks with their food.