Did you know that 12% of all workers now work remotely full-time? Another 28% work remotely at least part of the time. With an increasing number of people conducting meetings from their home offices, living rooms, kitchens, and other non-traditional places, it’s left people wondering how to create a business culture when everyone is digital. One of the easiest things you can do when working from home is to use virtual office backgrounds.

Building Company Culture

Using custom office backgrounds creates a company culture even when everyone is working from different spots. Loosely defined, company culture is the practices, values, attitudes, and goals an organization uses to improve company morale and create a strong brand. When companies hire on-site employees. Using a virtual background allows you to create something unique that shows off your company’s attitudes and goals even when everyone is working from home. 

Professional Appearance Boost

Using a virtual office background with logo ensures your company remains professional even when people are working remotely. Professionalism is essential not only for keeping employees motivated to work but also to show your clients that you take your business seriously. The best way to implement a company background is to use settings that make everyone have the same background. This way, everyone is free to focus on interacting and working.

Creates Brand Recognition

It’s easy to get a dozen or more people into a virtual meeting, but will everyone remember who you are and why you’re there? Whether you’re meeting with employees, potential vendors, clients, or anyone else you do business with, brand recognition is important. A virtual background that uses your company’s logo and branded colors will become easily recognizable when you use it every time you host a meeting. This means potential clients are more likely to remember your company when they need a service or product you provide. 

Conceals Distractions

While it’s always a good idea to have a home office to work from when you work remotely, the fact is that not everybody has the extra space to do that. Unfortunately, when multiple people are in a virtual meeting and all have their own unique backgrounds, it easily leads to distractions. Instead of paying attention to the meeting at hand, people are more likely to look at the art on the walls behind other participants or to be distracted by things such as pets passing by in the background. When everyone conceals what’s really behind them by using a company logo, it helps to keep the meeting on track.

Provides Information

Did you realize that you can use custom office backgrounds to provide more information? In addition to your company logo, you can use your custom background as a sort of virtual business card. Include your name and title at the company or a blurb about the meeting’s agenda. You can even create a custom QR code that provides a wider range of information for people who scan it with their phones. 

Remote work is taking the world by storm and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. In fact, an increasing number of people are expected to work from home in the next few years. By preparing your custom backgrounds now, you’ll be ready for whatever happens during your next virtual meeting.