When you’re getting married, you want everything to be perfect, so you choose your favorite people to represent you on your special day. But while you don’t want them to upstage you, you also don’t want to go down in history as the bride who chose the ugliest bridesmaid dresses ever.

So where’s the fine line between chic and gaudy? There is no right or wrong answer since colors like hot pink or black may work well in some weddings (or on some people) and stand out terribly in others.

Still, if you want to make it easy for everyone to invest in a dress they can wear at your wedding and on other occasions, stick with these tried-and-true, stylish colors.

1. Greys

For dresses for bridesmaids that are classy and traditional look with a modern twist, head toward the gray palettes. Grey is historically used to create sophisticated styles and pairs well with nearly every color.

The key to matching your gray hue with a complementary accent is to look at the undertone. Blue grays, like slate, make a striking statement alongside pink, seafoam, and chocolates. Brown grays, such as taupe, are better paired with brighter shades of reds and yellows.

Grays flatter medium complexions and skin with cool undertones.

2. Greens

The color green is connected to many positive traits, from money and luck to health and vitality. Psychologically speaking, it’s a great color to start your wedding with good vibes!

The best part of using green as your bridesmaid dress is that there’s such a variety of shades. Unless you want everyone to match, each person can choose a green hue that flatters her skin tone best.

Earth tones like sage and olive green are some of the best colors for warm skin undertones. Cool skin tones are enhanced by greens with a blue undertone, like mint, emerald, and pistachio.

3. Pastels

Gone are the days of pastel shades turning your bridesmaids into Easter eggs. Now, popular colors like buttercream, lilac, blush, and powder blue bring a soft, peaceful feel to any occasion but could never be described as boring! If you’re worried about the backgrounds muting the colors, add a splash of neon to the outfit to really make the pastel pop.

Today’s favorite pastels include baby blue, peach, mauve, mint green, millennial pink, and lavender. Because it’s such a popular palette, you should be able to find a style that flatters all your bridesmaids’ figures.

4. Coral

Looking for a color that everyone can wear? Try coral. The shade is on the warm color wheel, but it flatters nearly every skin tone.

Coral is trending as one of the top bridesmaid dress colors of the decade because it stands out no matter where you are and is ideal for spring and summer weddings. Create any look you want with the right accent shade. For a fun, beachy look, try coral and teal or turquoise. Pairing coral and lilac gives you an elegant, classy finish.

5. Rose Shades

When you tell your bridesmaids you want them in pink, they’ll likely fear the shiny neon taffeta dresses with big ruffled bows that dotted the wedding landscape in the past. The stuff of bridesmaid nightmares is nothing like today’s stylish grown-up rose shades.

We’re talking more like champagne, mauve, dusty rose, and blush. The rose palette is ideal for vintage weddings, sophisticated galas, and modern celebrations. Various colors, including grays, whites, soft greens and blues, and warm browns, complement rose hues.

6. Purple Hues

If you’re thinking about purple as your bridesmaid’s dress color, you likely have an artistic, creative personality trait. Dark purples can represent power and royalty, while lighter shades denote love and romance.

Overall, purple tends to be the color of wisdom, showing the bride making a smart choice in her groom and with her style decisions.

Bridesmaids with cool skin tones are flattered by bluish-purples, like lilac. Warm skin tones can wear a range of colors in the purple spectrum, including orchid, violet, and magenta.


Your bridesmaids chose to accept their role because they love you and want to support you. They’ll wear anything you tell them to because it’s your big day.

But since you love them, too, you want their dress to be something they can wear after the ceremony, so the color you select matters. These shades will complement your white dress and flatter most complexions for a dress that can be worn on any occasion.