That which flows by: A brief introduction

Flow, also known as That Which Flows By, is a fascinating webtoon series that has enchanted many fans. The author and artist of this manhwa series is Heo Ni-bi (Honey B), who released it from June 10th, 2013 to June 15th, 2015. Yun Lee-Rang, the main character, goes through life and learns about his true abilities and the value of having friends. This article will delve into the different features of this manga series that you should not miss, such as its original story, unforgettable characters, and the common queries that readers have.

What is a manhwa?

What is a manhwa

A manhwa is a type of comic book or graphic novel that originates from South Korea. Manhwa are popular in Korea and abroad, and they cover a wide range of genres, such as romance, fantasy, horror, comedy, and more. Manhwa is a form of cultural expression and entertainment that showcases the creativity and diversity of Korean artists and storytellers.

Plot Overview:

Critical Review

Dani is a Jurchen girl who was rescued by General Gyeol Seo when bandits attacked her village. She has to work as a tea maid for him in his residence in Hanyang. But she has to conceal her true origins and act as if she is from Joseon, because of the gossip that the general kills Jurchen people, no matter their age or sex. Gyeol, meanwhile, has a phobia of drinking plain water because of a traumatic event in his childhood, and he has many foes who want him dead. Will Dani and Gyeol Seo overcome all the challenges?


The manhwa “That which flows by” has a roster of diverse characters, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Some of the main characters are:

  • Yun Lee-Rang
  • Suh Yul-Bi 
  • Hong Ryun
  • Lee Ha-rin
  • Ma Yu-sung
  • Gye Lee-jin

Critical Review:

Plot Overview

That Which Flows By is a historical manhwa that tells the story of Dani, a Jurchen girl who was rescued by General Gyeol Seo, a Joseon warrior who is feared for his brutality. Dani has to hide her identity and serve tea for him in his house in Hanyang, while also dealing with the political intrigues and dangers that surround them.

The manhwa has a captivating plot that mixes romance, drama, and action. The author does a great job of portraying the historical setting and the cultural differences between the Jurchen and the Joseon people. The art style is beautiful and detailed, with expressive characters and vivid backgrounds. The manhwa also has a lot of humour and charm, thanks to the witty dialogue and the adorable interactions between Dani and Gyeol Seo.

The manhwa is not without flaws, however. Some of the characters are underdeveloped and stereotypical, such as the evil scheming concubine or the loyal but clueless servant. The pacing can be slow at times, especially in the beginning, where the manhwa focuses more on the daily life of Dani and Gyeol Seo than on the main conflict. The manhwa also relies on some clichés and tropes, such as the love triangle, the misunderstanding, and the kidnapping.

Overall, That Which Flows By is an enjoyable and engaging manhwa that will appeal to fans of historical romance and adventure. The manhwa has a high rating of 9.63 on Webtoon and is updated every Friday. I would recommend this manhwa to anyone who likes stories with strong female protagonists, swoon-worthy male leads, and a rich historical backdrop.


Flow, also known as That Which Flows By, is a manhwa series that will appeal to anyone who loves fantasy, action, and supernatural genres. The story revolves around a boy who can control time and his friends who are part of a mysterious school system. The author, Honey Bee, delivers a compelling and touching story with beautiful and expressive art. Flow is a series that will make you laugh, cry, and think. You can read it on WEBTOON, a digital comics platform.


What is the genre of That Which Flows By?

“That Which Flows By” is an action, fantasy, romance, and supernatural manhwa series.

What are the themes “That Which Flows” explores?

“That Which Flows” explores and delves deep into both light-hearted themes love, and friendship as well as themes with darker undertones such as war, identity, loyalty, etc.

Is That Which Flows By suitable for all ages?

Flow is a manhwa with action and supernatural themes. It has no official age rating, but some sources suggest it is for 12+ or 13+ readers.

Where can I read That Which Flows By?

That which Flows By is available to read on LINE Webtoon.