Your parents are the main reason behind your existence. They are the ones to bring you on this earth and nurture you with love, care, and values. So, you must show some gratitude towards your parents for everything they did for you. Instead of giving any ordinary jewelry or any other stuff, you can give them bespoke rings designed by you. This guide has brought a few ideas for bespoke ring designs for your parents. Give them something so that they can remember you whenever you are not with them. 

Ideas for a bespoke ring

A few ideas for a bespoke ring for your parents are given below.

Ponder on rare diamonds

Rare diamonds are much more expensive but your parents are priceless and so gifting them colorful diamonds is a good idea. The basic diamond looks dull at times, whereas colorful diamonds look incredibly beautiful on people of any age.

Unique shapes of diamond

It can be challenging to give your parents a new shape of diamond as they are more likely to go with the old trends, but you can be sure that the new shape will look great on them. You can customize the diamond in the shape you want and the shape which is closer to your heart. razer blade 15 2018 h2 The shape chosen by you for your parents shall be remarkable for them and whenever they see the ring, even if you are not with them, they will remember you. 

Consider their birthstone

If you don’t want to give them just a ring with a white gold ring band holding a clear diamond, indulge in colors by adding a birthstone to the white gold band. A birthstone will not only add color to their ring but also help them with positive vibes. Many people also go for birthstones as their bespoke engagement rings for their engagement. 

Types of rings

Here are some designs of rings you can give to your parents

Name rings

Parents, when they grow old they like simple jewelry as they cannot carry heavy-designed ornaments. MyReadingManga So, gifting them a simple ring is a good idea. Name rings are traditional yet simple and its best for your elderly parents. You can also engrave “mamma’ instead of her name, which will add more emotion to the ring. 

Trinity rings

Trinity rings have no age and hence you can gift trinity rings to people of any age. Trinity rings for your parents is a good idea. The rings of trinity ring can be made with three metals and that is the beauty of trinity rings. To customize more, you can also engrave your parent’s name and your name on the ring to make it more special and memorable. 

Diamond solitaire ring

Diamond solitaire never fades. Gift your mother a one or two-carat diamond solitaire ring and you don’t need to speak anything. The band of the solitaire can have a halo with small diamonds or you can also give a plain ring if your mother has simple and sober taste. 

Three stone ring

Three stone rings are not just engagement rings but they can be given to anyone and yes even to your parents. There is no hard rule about the significance of the three stones. You can make the significance of the three stones when you are gifting them to your mamma. The three stones can stand for love, trust, and respect for your parents. 

Solitaire with hidden halo

You can be 100% sure that your mama will love the hidden halo ring. Hidden halo rings are sober and the halo on the ring is not loud at all hence your sober mother will love these rings.
Lab grown diamonds are available in abundance in the stores of Hatton Garden. If you want diamonds at a discounted price, you can buy a lab-grown diamond ring for your parents which is the same as a mined diamond. 

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