Hey! Have you installed glass doors and windows at your place, to increase the beauty of the house and now you are worried about your security system? Then you are in the right place. You don’t have to look further for any quarries. In this article, I’ll be going to explain about all no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door


Let me explain a little bit. Everyone knows that, without a drilling method lock and key system can’t be installed. And because your door is made of glass you can’t drill it. If you try to drill glass forcefully then it may cause breakage. 

But without a lock it makes a sensible question about your safety. Keeping this in mind we find a magnetic lock system that can be installed on any glass door, window, or cabinet without drilling.

Defining no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door

The traditional lock system requires a drilling method that can be installed on any wooden furniture but when it comes to the glass material, drilling became a challenging and high-risk matter.

After completing the research on this security topic we got a magnetic lock system that is as secure as the other locks the main advantage of this lock system is it launched with a magnetic lock installing system and it doesn’t need any drilling method. This lock makes our esthetic and transparent glass doors more precious and also ensures user security.

This no-drill cabinet lock for hinged glass doors is launched particularly for hinged glass doors to give users the feeling of luxury and security at the same time.

Types of no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door

In the purpose of the security system, we are known to seven lock categories. We usually use these types of locks in our room doors, windows, lockers, cabinets, drawers, etc. 

The seven categories are– knob locks, deadbolt locks, cam locks, padlocks, mortise locks, smart locks, and keypad locks.

In this article, we are exploring the cam lock which is also known as a magnetic no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door.

Advantages of no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door

People who have already used this Cam lock gave reviews that it’s such a Hassle-free solution to make the luxury lifestyle more secure. So, let’s take a look at the key advantages of damage free no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door

  • Safety & Security

This magnetic cam lock provides the user the individual lock access technique. It ensures 100% security for many types of glass doors or cabinets. 

  • Easy installation system

The installation system of this cam lock can be completed in just a minute. When the other traditional locks take a huge time with their complex installation method.

If you follow the guidelines properly, you can install the cam lock yourself. Just take two minutes to read the guidance before installing the lock. 

  • Damage prevention

This cam lock has a magnetic installation system. So, you can install it on glass doors without any hesitation of damage. You don’t have to drill your glass door or cabinet to install it. This lock is made to keep your luxury and esthetic doors as elegant as they are.

  • Flexible to use

These cam locks are so comfortable and flexible to install or remove as per your need. You can remove it by yourself easily when it’s not needed. 

But the thing is, without unlocking the door no one can remove or break it. So, don’t be confused between flexibility and security.

The safe sides of the Cam lock

Every customer has the right to question every product they are buying. In the case of a lock system, the biggest question is “Is it safe & secure enough?” 

At this point, I’m going to define all about the safety of no drill locks. Read below –

  • Security

Before buying any lock make sure the company is ensuring their product’s liability.

If the product is perfect then it will surely protect your valuable items and this lock will reduce your tension also. The no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door is such a great modern technology that has abilities to handle potential theft.

  • Kids & pets protection

The no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door protects kids and pets from hurting themselves and because of the locked cabinet, the inner items of the cabinet can fall to hurt anyone or damage any other item also. 

  • Reduce tension

When the locks ensure 100% security then it gives you a safeguard automatically which brings peace of mind and reduces tension which provides users a worry-less lifestyle because already the user knows that his/her valuable items and information are fully secured.

  • Prevent accident

This lock will protect your inner things of cabinet from any accidental bump that can cause breakage or damage to the glass of the cabinet or door. 

The installation process

Let’s see how easy is the installation process of a hinged glass door’s lock. 

The interesting part is you don’t need any screws or drill machines to install these locks. These types of cam locks have high-quality 3M tape which holds the lock in the exact place. 


  1. Find the lock’s two anchor points which are connected together.
  2. Clean the surface area of the cabinet or door or window where want to stick the lock. 
  3. Stick the two anchors into the two clean surfaces of your door or cabinet.
  4. Make sure the adhesive of the lock is stuck properly. And you are done.

The process of placing no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door is seriously so easy to install. Even you can install it by yourself also. But, my suggestion is, if this is your first time then call any locks install expert and take the knowledge properly. 


Nowadays we see glass doors or windows at so many places like- shopping malls, medical, many kinds of shops, flats, balconies sliding windows or doors, etc. These glass doors are not only provide elegant or esthetic looks they also control energy efficiency, reduce high sound, and it’s also easy to use or manage, and give more durability than any other materials. This no drill cabinet lock for hinged glass door also fits in other types of furniture (like drawers) also.

You can find it on online shopping apps also. Like- Flipkart, Amazon, Mesho, Jio Mart, etc and the starting price range is just below 200/-. So, in my opinion, it’s a highly recommended and pocket-friendly product for sure.