Indonesia is a country, which is developing nowadays in the fashion industry. Many fashion influencers have become popular with the young generation. Mekka Mellia is one of the popular fashion bloggers in the Indonesian fashion industry. Mekka Mellia’s blog is the best way for you to get to know about the present fashion trends in Indonesia. Mekka Mellia’s blog can be a guide for your fashion journey. If you belong to the Islam religion, and you are a hijabi woman you must get benefits with Mekka Mellia’s blog.

What about Mekka Mellia?

Mekka Mellia is an Indonesian trendy fashion influencer. In 2021, Mekka Mellia started her blogging and fashion journey through The ‘Mekka Mellia blog’. Mekka is a Muslim religious girl. She is especially famous for her stylish hijab trends. Her fashion sense and her outfit choices make her very popular. Mekka builds her fashion style in a combination of traditional and modern aspects.

What is a hijab?

What is a hijab?

Hijab is a head scarf. Which is specifically used by Islamic religious women. It covers the hair and around the neck but the face remains visible. Muslim women used this hijab for showing modesty and faith in Allah.

Mekka Mellia blog details, in short

‘Mekka Mellia blog’ is a fashion-influence blogging channel. An Indonesian fashion influencer Mekka Mellia started her fashion journey through the blogging channel ‘Mekka Mellia blog’. In her blogs, she shares fashion tips and trendy hijab styles.

In the modern generation, Mekka influences women. She teach them, how can they easily style hijabs? And she introduces the best hijab brands in Indonesia. In her blog, she also mentioned other hijabi models and fashion influencers to her readers. Mekka always shows her expertise in the fashion scene in her blogs. Mekka Mellia also reviews many makeup and skin care products. She posts these reviews on her blog. Mekka’s blogs are very informative. Mekka Mellia’s blog can be a great guide for beginner fashion influencer or tourists, who wants to get an update about Indonesia’s fashion trends. Mekka Mellia always chooses the best fashion trends for her blogs.

Mekka’s hijab trends

Mekka's hijab trends

Mekka Mellia is especially a trendy hijabi fashion influencer. In the blog ‘Mekka Mellia blog Mekka shares many hijab-style tips with her viewers. In her blogs, she tells about every styling detail for her readers. She gives tips and tricks for her readers, on how they can style with their simple and comfortable daily wear hijabs. She knows how to improve the style of a hijab with any other outfit. Such as, the fabric of the hijab is mainly focused, and the design and embroidery are other aspects of a perfect outfit. She used to wear bold and pastel colour combination hijabs for daily wear. And little accessories like earrings, pendants, and bracelet makes the look perfect. Throughout time her creative fashion style gets trendy in Indonesia.

Mekka’s product review

Mekka Mellia gives a review on her blogs, about so many kinds of products. Mekka suggests to her viewers the best quality hijabs. And she loves to style hijabs with various types of outfits. She also shares tips for wearing hijabs. Mekka recommends to her fans the best quality and designer hijabs, and the best brands of hijabs in Indonesia. Mekka Mellia also includes product review content on her blog. She gives her aspects of the review of many makeup products and skin care products. She gives a review regarding her own experience. She uses every product by herself then she makes product review content. Also, her followers find her reviews informative and useful. Mekka also recommends her viewers the best products.

Mekka Mellia’s style

Mekka Mellia builds a trendy fashion style and her style is a combination of traditional and modern styles. As well she dressed in various types of outfits she carries a hijab with that very fashionable aspect. She chooses various types of fabrics with different types of outfits. Like, a designer hijab is with a casual dress and a designer embroidery hijab is with formal dresses. And soft and silk fabrics hijabs in occasional events. She chooses light soft colours hijabs with bright colours embroidery designs. She likes bold make-up looks in traditional events and soft make-up in her daily work routine. She used to wear a little accessory like fashionable earrings, pendants, and bracelets with her outfit choices.

Mekka Mellia blog’s trending fashion styles

Mekka Mellia is a creative and expert fashion influencer. Her fashion styles always make a new trend in the modern generation. She used to pay attention to small things about fashion, which makes the looks perfect and bright. Mekka likes to style with various outfits and hijabs and Her trendy fashion styles include –

  •  baggy clothes
  •  bold make-up
  •  printing designer dresses
  •  chunky earrings, pendants, bracelet
  •  unique designer and embroidery hijabs etc.

Mekka’s inspiration for being a fashion influencer

Mekka Mellia’s expertise and knowledge about fashion and her divine clothing styles make her famous among the new generation. Mekka loves to show off her hijabi fashion style. She tells that her fashion inspiration comes from her family. She also mentioned that worldwide fashion influencers and bloggers are also her inspiration. Mekka Mellia begins a new era in Indonesia’s fashion industry.

‘Mekka Mellia blog’ the other things besides fashion

‘Mekka Mellia blog’ is not only limited to fashion trends. Mekka also tries to aware her viewers to make a healthy lifestyle. She posts about a healthy lifestyle and the importance of life insurance. And she also mentioned the types and factors of life insurance. Mekka guides her viewers to find the best life insurance companies. She also posts a guideline about car insurance.

Mekka Mellia blog’s future career

Mekka Mellia is one of the expert fashion influencers around the world. This blogging channel has a great future. Ever since Indonesia’s fashion industry becomes most trendy, the fashion influencer’s career become more secure. Mekka Mellia’s blog is one of the popular blogging channels in Indonesia. Mekka Mellia’s blog carries the most trendy fashion updates and news. Mekka Mellia’s blog is most helpful for the tourists of Indonesia and for also the citizens. Through the ‘Mekka Mellia blog’ one can stay updated about the fashion trend in the Indonesian fashion industry.

How to find the ‘Mekka Mellia blog’?

Mekka Mellia is the most trendy blogger in Indonesia. She is popular because of her unique and creative hijabi fashion style. She influences her readers about fashionably wearing hijabs. If you are looking for a guide to begin your fashion journey, ‘Mekka Mellia blog’ can be most useful for you.


Mekka Mellia’s blog is the most popular fashion blog in the Indonesian fashion industry. Mekka Mellia begins a new trend in fashion through her blogs. Indonesia is growing up in their fashion industry. From this perspective, many fashion influencers can make their career in this. Mekka Mellia is a self-made successful blogger. She is very creative and an expert in her fashion sense. Mekka’s blogs are full of information about Indonesia’s fashion updates. She is altogether a modern and traditional fashion influencer. Mekka Mellia’s blog is the best guide for any beginner influencer or tourist in Indonesia to get an update about Indonesia’s current fashion trends.