Hey, football lovers you got the exact article that you are searching for. In this article, I’m going to make clear comparisons between the title “Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline”. I researched about both the teams through the match highlights, because both the teams have already played so many matches and now watching all matches is clearly not possible. But I’m sure and confident that I didn’t miss any interesting part from the comparison of Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline.

Here I’m going to describe all about both the teams separately So that our new readers don’t get confused.

What is Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline?

This is a comparison article between Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline. Nowadays people are growing so much interest in football clubs. So I decided to give them clarity and all kinds of information about these two teams.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline – is also about the list of related events, matches and the achievements of the teams. Here you will get all the stories of their battles and the key moments.

Both teams have grown with time step by step. So, in this timeline, we will help our readers to get knowledge information, and importance about both of these teams.

A quick definition of Inter Milan

A quick definition of Inter Milan
A quick definition of Inter Milan

Inter Milan football team is an Italian Football Club which is based in Milan and Lombardy. This team has already marked their name in the history of the football club.

At present, 27 active players are playing for this team and they are-

Marcelo Brozović (Midfielder), Milan Škriniar (Defender), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Midfielder), André Onana (Goalkeeper), Andrea Pinamonti (Forward), Samir Handanović (Goalkeeper), Robin Gosens (Defender), Diego Milito (Forward), Giuseppe Baresi (Defender), Alessandro Altobelli, Roberto Gagliardini (Midfielder), Giuseppe Bergomi (Defender), Zlatan Ibrahimović (Forward), Romelu Lukaku (Forward), Issiaka Kamate, Javier Zanetti (Midfielder), Aleksandar Stanković, Andrea Ranocchia (Defender), Tarcisio Burgnich (Defender), Tommaso Guercio, Alessandro Calligaris, Antonio Candreva (Midfielder), Christian Vieri (Forward), Walter Zenga (Goalkeeper), Ivan Perišić (Forward), Riccardo Ferri, Samuel Eto’o (Forward).

Currently, the top 4 best players of the Inter Milan football team, who are really making the team proud, the names are-

  1. L. Martinez
  2. H. Calhanoglu
  3. M. Thuram
  4. H. Mkhitaryan

The quick definition of FC Porto

The quick definition of FC Porto
The quick definition of FC Porto

FC Porto is a famous football team in the football world. As of September 25 of this year (2023), this team has six top active players. They are- Pepe (defender, Portugal), Wilson Manafá (defender, Portugal), Iván Marcano (defender, Spain), Mateus Uribe (midfielder, Colombia), Otávio (midfielder, Portugal) and Mehdi Taremi (forward, Iran).

May you guys are already familiar with these names. Let’s know a little more about the FC Porto team’s Championship and Leagues.

Achievements of FC Porto

FC Porto club have achieved so many titles in football history. They own many matches in many football leagues. Here’s a winning list of FC Porto Club. They own a total number of seven International League titles and trophies. See in detail below.

  • The Portugal League

FC Porto has finished five consecutive top places in unparalleled series in the Portugal League from the era of 1994 to 1999. Still 2023 they have won 30 league titles in Portugal League with an outstanding and remarkable performance.

  • UEFA Champions League

FC Porto has won two UCL (UEFA Champions League) titles.

At first in 1987 they owned the first UCL title and then in  2004, they owned their second UEFA Champions League title.

  • UEFA Europa League

This club has won two UEFA Europa League titles also. One in 2003 (one year before the second UEFA Champions League) and the other UEFA Cup they owned in 2011.

  • UEFA Super Cup

FC Porto club owned their first or one and only UEFA Super Cup in 1987.

  • International Cups

The famous and lovable team has own not only one but they own two International Cups in 1987 and 2004, for their club.

The Real Rivalry of Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

The real face-off between Inter Milan and FC Porto has started in 1959 for the first time. Then according to the times and Champion Leagues, they’ve played against each other many times. Because both teams created a huge fanbase all over the world so, in that case, these rivalries automatically become exciting.

  • European tournament

In 1959 the FC Porto club and the Inter Milan club played against each other for the first time. This means that the match of 1959 was the first match where they created rivalry in the world’s fan clubs in both of the supporters. That was the first encounter in European Competition (1959).

  • European Cup Winners’ Cup

In the 19th century, we saw many revelry of Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline. Among them, in one of the interesting matches between these two teams, the FC Porte Club won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965. It was such a historic win for FC Porto.

  • UEFA Cup

The next chance they got was in 1982 to continue the revelry. In that UEFA League, the Inter Milan team didn’t miss to shine in the whole match. They played so well with the last match disappointment of their fanbase. After the UEFA Cup victory, they showed that they are much better than anyone. They just made their fans proud.

  • UEFA Champion League

In 2004 FC Porte didn’t give any lack in their performance. And finally, they won that UEFA Champions League title and trophy in 2004 with an amazing match ending.

In that match, Inter Milan also gave them a strong fight but maybe their luck was not with them.

  • Coppa Italia and UEFA Champions League

In 2011 the Inter Milan Club got two achievements against FC Porto. They won the Coppa Italia in Series A and after that match, they got a chance to play against FC Porto. In the second UEFA Champions League in 2011, the Inter Milan club won that league’s trophy again by proving themselves and they also got the title of the best team in Europe.

  • UEFA Champion League in 2013

In 2013, FC Porto club made a big comeback against the Inter Milan team. They just took a short break and jumped like a tiger. The FC Porto club won the UEFA championship in 2013.

  • UEFA Europa League

In the quarter-final of 2020 in the UEFA Europa League, both teams got the chance to knock out the competition directly.


In the modern world, we get to see revelry everywhere. But the Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline revelry was continued at another level through the fanbase of both teams. If you don’t have fans to support you blindly, seriously it means still you failed to shine in life.

The fan’s excitement in the gallery during the match gives another level of confidence and spark to the players.


What is Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline?

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline is a clear discussion of the revelry between these teams.

When the revelry was started between Inter Milan and FC Porto?

In 1959 the whole revelry was started.

When Inter Milan and FC Porto played against each other for the first time?

In 1959 the two teams played their first match against each other.

How many matches have Inter Milan and FC Porto played against each other?

They played a total number of seven tournaments with a strong and amazing face-off.