The Huawei MateBook d15 is the latest mid-range laptop of the Chinese company. Huawei comes up with their name in laptop manufacturers. Even though they are a mobile phone maker company.

The MateBook d15 is nicely designed. It has a reasonable price. its performance is also very decent due to AND\s mobile Ryzen technology. It has come with some useful innovations such as a hidden webcam in the keyboard and NFC sharing with compatible smartphones. But the battery and screen are disappointing.


  • Internal Core i5-1135G7 4 by 2.4 – 4.2 GHz
  • Memory is 8192 MB DDr4
  • The display is 1a 5/60 inch Ratio of 16:9
  • Dimension 1920  1080 pixel
  • Storage 256 GB
  • Size is 16.9 357.8 229.9
  • Battery 42 WH
  • Camera Webcam 720p HD
  • Weight 1.56 kg


Huawei wants to create a mid-range laptop series. It is aItby Huawei to makeforaptops of this range. It looks like Dell, Apple, and HP. The Matebook d15 is designed to closely resemble the Apple Macbook.

Of course, it is not designed nicely as an Apple Macbook but it is looking best at such a price. Size-wise Huawei MateBook d15 is 16.9 357.8 229.9. Its weight is 1.62 kg with SSD and hardware.

It is lighter than Macbook. Still, there is a price difference between the two. There are plenty of differences in both designs. The keyboard is doing a good job. There is no backlight.  The webcam is hidden under the pop-up keys.

It supports the wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 and there are NFC chips to facilitate the Huawei phones.

KeyBoards and TrackPad

Its keyboard looks good. It has plastic keyboards. You can type with the keyboard easily. Its keyboard layout is great with large key space. Its surface is smooth and working is good. There is a drawback that there is no backlight on the keyboard.

Hardware and Performance

It has 8 GB Ram and 256 SSD. which is good for browsing and doing work on it. You can upgrade it by adding the RAM. First, the CPU runs fastly and after some time it works slowly.


The screen is 15.6 inches with a matte finishing look. Huawei gives you the average quality panel.ThThecreen is not very bright. But you can use it for daily work.

Connectivity and Speakers

For that, the connectivity pupurposesit use the old generation intel AC 8265. If we talk about the speakers, their quality is good, size is average and sound is good.


It has a 42WH battery which is very small as compared to the device which is not good. So you think about it before buying.


  • Good value laptop
  •  It has Rigid aluminum alloy chassis
  • It is Slim and light


  • It has an Average display
  • It has No keyboard backlight
  •  Awkwardly webcam place

Final Wording

The price of the Huawei MateBook D15 is reasonable. You can use it for your daily work, watching movies, text editing, etc. the design and build are good. It runs cool and the performance is good. The issue with the battery and webcam place. Overall it is a good device.