Hey students! The good news is waiting here for you guys. These days everyone has issues with a lack of time and patience. Also, doing homework is already become a big trouble in student’s life and honestly in my school life I also faced this problem too but at that time we had no other options. So, as always I had to do it myself.

But this generation we all have so many easy ways to do homework and as a good wisher I’m here to fulfill one of the easy wishes of students with a tool named, Homeworkify.

In a short description, Homeworkify can solve any type of question in any subject.

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is a helping hand to do homework in any subject or language. It can be also called the solution maker. Students just have to upload their homework in Homeworkify and boom! The solution to that question is in front of you Step by step. You can also change your answer patterns if you want and also Homeworkify gives the same answers in many ways to help students more So that not everyone has one or the same answer. So, basically, it’s an online tool that gives instant solutions to any question about homework.

Homeworkify is an App or a Website or an A.I. Tool?

At starting Homeworkify had its own website which people can use online only via either Google or Chrome or any browser but now it launched an app for mobile phone users. So, now Homeworkify has its own website and application also on Android and IOS.

The only reason for making an app is to satisfy users and take care of their valuable time. On the website, many times users faced server issues and also there occurs many errors and many more problems. So, using the app is easier and safe.

Features of Homeworkify

There are so many unique features available in this application Only to help students properly. Let’s talk about the features-

1. Homework or questions solver

The basic and the most important work is solving questions for homework. This feature helps students to do their homework easily and also helps to get relief from the headache of being a busy parent. This app helps the parents also to save their time and energy both.

2. Instant answer

Users will get answers or solutions instantly after uploading the homework and it’s work for any type of question and all types of subjects. Users just have to upload details.

3. Language and subjects

This app is able to solve questions for all subjects. Like – English, Math, Hindi, Science, Arts, etc. Homeworkify is fully ready to rock on any platform.

4. User friendly

It has such a user-friendly interface to use easily. It is designed for all types of students and you don’t need to care about your answer because already there are many experts sitting to figure out your questions.

How to use Homeworkify?

To use this app or website there are some easy steps you have to follow step by step and it will make your day homework free without irritation and tension. Let’s just follow these steps carefully.

1. Installation

To use Homeworkify students have to install the application first. For Android go to Google and search the app by the name Homeworkify and click on download or install.

Same as for iOS or Apple devices you have to go to the app store and follow the same process. Like searching the app name and downloading it.

  • The website users, have to go in any browser and search

2. Sign up

After installing the app open it and if you are a new user then sign up by creating a new account also it can be signed up with a Gmail account.

If you are an old user then you can sign in with your old account also. (This step is for Android and iOS users both)

For the website users still have to sign up with an account. Without an account, you can’t use this tool.

3. Upload your homework

After signing up properly you just have to do one more thing. Just upload or type your homework question including the subject name and all details of the question.

4. The solution arrived

After uploading the question, the algorithm of the app starts working on it and the instant answer will arrive within a few seconds, just like an eye blink. For any subject, students will get an instant solution within a second.

5. Review the answer

When you will receive the answer read it carefully and before reading check once is the buffering completed or not. Because it gives solution in steps this app take a little time to create the easiest steps for students. So, see each and every step carefully and thoroughly.

6. Learn about the solution

It’s not fair that you are just copying and pasting the solution in your notebook instantly. You should have to focus on the steps and learn from them about the all details of the answer. Doing homework is not only an irritating task, it’s a lesson to learn and also it’s a good habit to prepare yourself for the exam.

Still, need help?

If you are still in confusion about the answer and your mindset is not able to clear the solution then don’t worry, you can ask for more help also. The Homeworkify app provides you with more options to solve doubts. Like – you can connect with other students or teachers who want to help you to solve problems.

Is Homeworkify free?

No, Homeworkify is not a free (non-paid) app. It’s a paid app for all. To use this app’s feature user must have to buy the membership otherwise he or she can’t use it.

Advantages of using Homeworkify

Once you use this app you will understand the huge benefits of using Homeworkify.

  • It will help you to lose your headache from doing homework.
  • It will solve your homework within a second.
  • This app will save your time.
  • It solves questions step by step to understand thoroughly.
  • It is so easy to use like a 7 year’s kid can also use it comfortably.
  • Homeworkify is available 24/7 hours.
  • Support in Android and IOS both.
  • It’s an easy alternative option to hiring a personal tutor, etc.


  • This is not free for use.
  • Sometimes it gives wrong answers.
  • Using Homeworkify too much can ruin your independence. This means if you get the habit of it may be you will not able to solve problems independently.
  • Sometimes algorithm makes silly mistakes that can make your assignment wrong.
  • Homeworkify is unable to make essays, novels, and these types of works.
  • After investigating money these disadvantages are so disappointing.

Personal opinion

Homeworkify is a good choice for students. It is user-friendly and budget-friendly also. It saves time for busy students. With the help of this app, students can say goodbye to homework stress and tension. But the problem is using apps for solving homework problems is not good for students. From these bad habits, they will lose their good habits of solving their own problems also this app doesn’t give accurate feedback always and after paying money this is not good. So, you can check the other apps also to solve homework problems. Like – Studylib, Skooli.Com, Bidforwriting, Algebra.Com, etc.