The GAK9 service dog certification program selects famous service dogs for pairing them with specific people or senior citizens as part of giving back to the community. The service the dog will provide is more meaningful when the team member for their patient selects the dog.

Jeff and Kelli, owners of the GAK9 system, spearheaded a training program with aids for facilitating the recovery of autistic children should they get lost. We also offer support services for Tethering, physical assistance in situations requiring such a service, and emotional support.

Georgia K9

GAK9 is a partnership between professional K9 training instructors nationwide. Our K9 specialists are nationally certified and work with dogs and handlers throughout the country. We deliver training courses on various K9 boards, including police and narcotics detection.

At Georgia K9, we take pride in our use of dog training and the experience of our staff. We will provide you with information on any breed of dog and behavioral training for each breed. We have Certified Professional Trainers who can instruct your dog and assist in training you to communicate effectively with your pet.

Regardless of the procedure, trained Georgia K9s instructors will support you in achieving your desired relationship with your dog. We offer a range of tasks, including police K9 training, service dog training, and medical dog training.

What does Tethering Offer?

The assistance dog simultaneously functions as a partner and anchor while accompanying a child with unique needs. As an anchor, it separates the kid if they decide to bolt out of fear.

Tethering is intended to help the child retain some control over her movements but guards so that she doesn’t bolt for fear. The assistance dog helps a child with autism feel at ease in their first adventure of freedom.


We offer our clients access to financing from $1,000 to $12,000, according to whether they have good or bad credit. Our financing allows you to obtain as much cash as you’d like for whatever you desire.

Interest is not accrued on the principal amount if you pay early; we also have flexible monthly pricing arrangements. Our monthly payments were designed with you in mind, and we have strict financial accountability measures for early repayment. That’s why we charge no prepayment or early repayment penalties.

The assistance dogs offered by GAK9 to AUTISTIC CHILDREN serve a triple purpose. They act as monitors and companions, offer safety and security, and serve as search dogs to alert whenever a child goes missing.


The GAK9 service dog certification program offers a great way to train and provide a service dog for those with disabilities. The program provides access to financing options, as well as Tethering. It allows those who need assistance to have the best possible service dog by having the most versatile partner possible.