A class action lawsuit has been filed against multiple chicken producers in the United States who allegedly conspired to limit the supply and raise the prices of chicken from 2008 onwards, including prices of frozen and fresh chicken products, processed products, whole chicken, parts, and more. The lawsuit covers multiple states in the United States, including California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and more. It’s important to research where you were during this time to see if you were affected by this litigation. If you feel you meet the requirements, reach out to a trusted attorney for this case. They will help you get the justice you deserve.

About Broiler Chicken Litigation

The broiler chicken antitrust litigation, overseen by numerous law firms including Lockridge Grindal Nauenide, refers to a class action lawsuit that alleges that beginning in 2008, multiple major poultry producers colluded to artificially inflate the prices of broiler chicken by reducing its supply. This coordinated effort involved sharing confidential information between different chicken producers, destroying breeder hens, and shutting down plants. As a result of these illicit actions, the price of chicken was inflated by about 50 percent. Since broiler is by far the most widely consumed chicken in the United States, this affected many chicken consumers who purchased it after 2008. The class action lawsuit was filed in 2016 by consumers who directly purchased chicken from Harrison Poultry, Mar-Jac Poultry, and Harrison Poultry. In amendments to the filed complaints, multiple other co-conspirators were named, including Case Foods, Amick Farms, Allen Harim, and Keystone, bringing the most current number of defendants to seventeen.

Were You Affected?

If you purchased chicken from any of the eligible states and poultry providers during the stipulated period, you might have overpaid. As such, you might be eligible to receive a share of the settlement fund obtained through the class action litigation against chicken providers named in the lawsuit. Other than a claim form, no formal proof of purchase is required for eligibility. In 2021, a settlement was reached with four named defendants, including Fieldable. You should review the settlement notice from this lawsuit carefully and determine whether you want to remain a part of the Class. Cases against other defendants are pending in court, and it is important to only trust correspondence from the lead counsel and disregard any individual lawyers or other parties that might try to persuade you for legal representation.

If you purchased broiler chicken but did not take any action related to the ongoing lawsuit, you do not have to take any steps. You are included as part of the Class by default and entitled to receive a share of the settlement upon the culmination of legal action against the defendants. The amount you receive as compensation might vary depending on the total number of valid claims, the state where the chicken was purchased, and the amount you bought from one of the seventeen named co-conspirators.


If you believe that you were affected by the antitrust lawsuit against chicken producers in the United States, you might be eligible to receive a share of the settlement funds obtained through the class action lawsuits currently under process. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be included in the Class and do not have to take any further steps besides avoiding illicit solicitations regarding legal representation. You may need to look for evidence that shows you qualify for this case. That includes your location and purchasing the products listed. Once you can show that to your attorney, they will make sure you receive compensation.