The tab for you on TikTok still hides secrets from many users in Poland. Are there any methods or tricks for TikTok to start promoting us? It turns out that yes! In this guide, you’ll learn six simple ways to be in for you on TikTok. First of all and easiest is buy TikTok followers Uk from a reliable resource.

What does this mean for you on TikTok?

For you is an individually personalized home page in the TikTok app for each user. It can be easily compared with the home page, e.g. on Netflix or YouTube. Each video is carefully selected by an algorithm and recommended to the user according to his preferences. Screenshot from the TikTok iOS app. The tab for you is displayed immediately after starting the app and presents the latest content personalized for each individual way.

Why does the website offer personalized content for each user?

It is very important for TikTok to maintain the viewer’s attention and satisfaction. The more relevant the videos selected by the algorithm are, the more willingly and more often (by definition) users will visit the application. Of course, this is due to the desire of the app developers to earn more. The longer you use TikTok, the more ads you’ll see, and on the other hand, the more users use the app, the more advertisers have to pay to reach them all. It is therefore beneficial for both users and app developers. If you want to get the instant fame on any of the platform.

How does the algorithm select videos in the “for you” tab on TikTok?

The algorithm responsible for the appearance of movies in the tab for you examines many factors in real time and tries to offer the user the best content. The more you use the app and the longer you watch videos, the better the algorithm works as it collects more and more data. This allows him to easily select videos for you later and recommend even better content. The list of the most important variables that the algorithm tracks is primarily:

  • How long have you been watching different videos on TikTok
  • In which movies are you skipping
  • From which movies do you mark with the button I like it
  • What kind of users are you following
  • What hours do you use the application

You are probably wondering how the algorithm uses the data collected in this way? This is not entirely obvious as the application does not share the source code anywhere. Based on unofficial findings, we assume that this is an artificial intelligence system that simply compares data with other users.

How to check if my tiktok is in for you

If you want to check if your video is promoted in the tab for you, switch your TikTok profile to a Pro account . You will then have access to advanced statistics to help you understand how users find out about your posts.

Why is a movie recommended in the tab for you?

Suppose you add a movie with the current bottle flip challange trend and catchy music. Of course, this is not the first movie of this type on TikTok. So, the application knows how many such movies are on average and how long users watch them on average.

If your TikTok is watched longer than the average for videos of this type, gets more comments and likes. Then it is a significant signal for the algorithm that it arouses interest among users and may be worth promoting. The app then starts experimenting with recommending the video to various small audience groups to test more and more people’s reactions to the video.

For example, group 1 are people who have ever liked a movie with the bottle flip challenge hashtag. And group 2 are people who watch movies with your music until the end.

If the video continues to perform as well and receives the same or greater interest than other videos of its type, the app continues to look for similar audiences and promote it more and more. This, of course, leads us to conclude that in order for a video to appear in the tab for you on TikTok, it must somehow stand out from the rest.

How to change account type from TikTok to Pro? Go to settings> manage account> switch to pro account> creator. From the available descriptions, select the one that best describes the genre of your profile. Choose a public figure if you don’t know what to select.