The word ‘assignment’ is enough to bring a sour taste to every student’s mouth.

We have all been there.

The five-page English essay. The string of algebra problems.

The list doesn’t end sometimes!

In these situations of misery, it is important to look at the bright side of things.

Every assignment you do has a purpose and it is almost always a good one!

If you are not convinced, let us take a look at some major reasons why high school assignments are a big deal.

1. Help You Learn

Many students open their school books just because they have homework.

Yes, you heard that right!

When you are not given an assignment with a deadline, you are less likely to study and review what your teacher has taught you that day.

Assignments make sure that you cover your portions regularly and don’t slack off till the exams are around the corner.

If you fail to understand a certain part of the assignment or topic, you can clear the doubt the very next day.

Although you might despise doing your assignments you can’t deny that they actually make you study something!

2. Help You Maintain A Consistent Study Schedule

Not having assignments can throw you off your study routine and make you more lazy than usual.

Think about the week you rarely had any assignments.

I bet you didn’t study consistently that week!

Following a schedule is much easier when you have work to do. You will be forced to read the material, study it and apply it to your assignments.

Your mind and body will adapt to this routine and will automatically motivate you to get up and finish your work.

3. Prevent Burnout

Burnout is a common problem among students.

You can easily avoid it if you manage your time wisely and stick to a consistent schedule.

High school assignments are a way of revising your portions and staying on track will save you from a lot of stress later on.

The last thing you want to do is regret not finishing your assignments on time while you try to cram the whole term’s portions into your head.

Next time instead of cursing your assignments, be grateful that they are potentially helping you stay sane during exam season!

If you are unable to complete them, consider hiring someone experienced to finish them for you.

For example, some students need extra help with subjects like math. Your quiet prayers like “Send some help to do my homework (math)” will not go unanswered if you look for the right resources.

4. Helps Teachers Analyze Your Performance

You might think that teachers love to torture their students with assignments or seek some kind of pleasure from them.

There are some vile teachers out there, but the majority of them are assigning work for your greater good.

By reviewing your work, they can analyze your performance and figure out if you are understanding the concepts taught in class.

If you need help with assignments, they can help you by taking a personal session.

5. Improve Your Grades

Now who wouldn’t want to see a big ‘A’ on their test results?

Staying on top of homeschool assignments will definitely help you achieve better grades.

This is because you tend to stay consistent with studying and covering concepts that appear in your exams.

It never hurts to improve your academic performance, so start working on those assignments!

6. Make You Study Hard Subjects

We all have the habit of avoiding studying a subject we hate or have difficulty with.

In high school, there might be a few subjects that you don’t enjoy like Accounting or Science.

High school assignments will force you to study that subject especially if the teacher is strict about the submission deadlines.

This might sound harsh, but let us be real here.

It is helping you a lot in the long run!


I hope that by now you will be feeling at least a little better about your high school assignments!

Remember what they say, ‘no pain, no gain’. So even if they are painful you can be sure to gain something at the end of it.