To niche or not to niche? It seems like that is the million dollar question these days. I have seen a lot of differing opinions on this matter, so I thought it was my turn to share my take on why you can be successful without a niche.

A lot of you know this already, but if you don’t, in addition to this blog I also have a lifestyle blog. Although a lifestyle blog is technically a niche, it is not extremely niched down to one topic like a lot of industry experts suggest you do to be successful.

To niche or not to niche? Find out why you can be successful without a niche on Confetti Social.

Why You Can Be Successful Without a Niche

You can discuss a variety of different topics 

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like being confined to one or two topics on my lifestyle blog. I like to talk about my goals, fashion, beauty, travel, blogging, and other lifestyle-related topics. I feel like I will never run out of things to talk about that way and get to discuss all the things I love versus just one sector. I feel like I’m always able to stay true to myself this way since I’m able to showcase a variety of things, not just the one thing that I’m passionate about.

You can be multi-passionate

Most people out there have more than one interest and that’s completely okay. If you can passionately write about a few different topics, then what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. I think my blog would get pretty dang boring if I only talked about one subject. Even on this blog, I write about social media, blogging, and business tips. Although it is certainly more niched down than my lifestyle blog, it isn’t just about social media and nothing else.

You can bring a different perspective to the table 

As a nicheless blogger, you can bring a different perspective to the table because you’re dabbling in a few different topics. I feel like writing about multiple topics allows me to be more creative with my pitches because I can do beauty and fashion or more lifestyle related campaigns and not feel like I’m just shilling a product for the heck of it.

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Your Turn:

I hope you enjoyed reading about why you can be successful without a niche. Are you a nicheless blogger? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.